Reputable water damage restoration company helps Austin down-town-austin-flood
prepare for and recover from water disasters. Austin, TX has had its share of powerful storms. Residents must always be ready for disasters brought about by severe weather and must know the best water damage restoration services in the city. An outstanding water damage restoration company has the manpower and the technology to help restore your property to its former glory by effectively extracting water from your property and using proven dehumidifying solutions. Immediately after the occurrence of water damage and blackout in an area, it can provide temporary power supply and remove unwanted debris. To keep homes and the environment clean and safe, a competent company can also offer mold remediation, odor elimination, and deodorization services. An excellent company can also help save precious heirloom furniture and art pieces such as paintings and murals, and salvage important documents through its fine arts recovery and wet document recovery services.

Austin residents can also benefit from exceptional plumbing services, such as repair and replacement of sewer lines, as well as sinks, faucets, and other water fixtures. A reputable company can also help secure your home and your belongings even before disaster strikes. By employing emergency board-up services and by providing customers with a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan, a restoration company can set up a line of defense against water damage for its clients and their property.

ATEX Water Damage Restoration, is a Texas industry leader in water damage restoration. Their skilled team of qualified professionals, have been delivering outstanding restoration services to Texans for over 30 years.


Flood Recovery for Small Business

Business Needs To Recover Quickly

When fire or flood hits your Austin business, you need prompt, efficient fire and water restoration in order to keep that business viable. A quick flood recovery for small businesses can help you provide the continuity of service that is so important to your customers and clients. Professional Restoration can provide the services you need to bounce back.

Fire and Water Restoration Is Available in Austin 24/7

It’s crucial that you act quickly when disaster strikes. The more soot is tracked around and the longer water sits, the more difficult it is to recover from a fire or flood. You can count on Professional Restoration for a quick response. We’ll have a certified recovery expert at your place of business in 90 minutes or less, day or night.

Follow Up to Prevent Future Problems

Extracting the water and cleaning up the soot and smoke damage are the first steps, but a continuity of treatment is necessary to prevent further problems down the road. You must treat your business property to mitigate mold, mildew, odors and other forms of contamination that could cause both health problems and structural damage if left untreated. At Professional Restoration, our mold mitigation technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Finally, if your water or fire damage was caused by something at the site such as faulty wiring or frozen pipes, be sure you’ve taken care of the problem to prevent disaster from striking again.

Why a Disaster and Recovery Plan?

A Perfect Example

When Tropical Storm Lee hit the Eastern Seaboard in September of 2010, there was massive flooding even in areas normally not affected by hurricanes.  One of those areas was Johnson City, New York, where a large number of animals died when flood waters overtook a local Petco because there was no disaster preparation and recovery plan. It’s impossible to plan for every contingency, but Johnson City is near a river; even if tropical storms are rare in the area, flooding is an ever-present danger whenever you’re situated near a water source.  If the store had had a better disaster preparation plan in place, then perhaps fewer—or no—animals would have died.  The community of Johnson City wouldn’t have been heartbroken and disgusted, and Petco wouldn’t have taken a huge hit to their corporate image.  This is why a good disaster and recovery plan is so necessary for both home and business owners.  In this article, we’ll explain the various ways that you can protect your property in case of disaster.


It’s important for both business and home owners to have solid insurance coverage so that disaster recovery will not become a financial nightmare.  Homeowners in particular need to be aware of the fact that flood insurance is almost always separate from any other form of insurance; if you look carefully at your home owner’s insurance plan, then you’ll usually find that it specifically absolves the company of paying for flood damage.  This is, unfortunately, especially true of homes and businesses located in known flood-zones.  To protect yourself, make sure that you have separate flood insurance.  It may be expensive, but because water damage also leads to a need for mold remediation, it’s worth it.

Plan of Action

As the events in Johnson City illustrated, you don’t just need to know what you’re going to do after a disaster has occurred; you also need to know what you’ll do before.  If you own a business, then you need to come up with comprehensive plans on how to get your employees and any animals on the premises to safety during a flood, fire, or other disaster—and you need to institute drills so that employees are familiar with these plans and can carry them out under pressure.  If you own your home, then you need to make sure that your family is prepared in case the electricity or water goes out. You’ll need to create a disaster kit and check it at least once a month so that you can replace items that may have expired. If the worst does happen, however, and you need help cleaning up water or fire damage, then you should contact Professional Restoration.  Professional Restoration can help you effectively clean up water damage and can also perform smoke and fire repair, as well as mold remediation.  In the Central Texas area areas, we even offer emergency services.



Mold Removal – How To Choose a Mold Remediation Contractor

Finding that you have the mold in your home can be very stressful for some reasons. The danger to their health can be significant, and the cost to have it removed can also be a serious problem. If you have only one small problem mold in an area of your home you may be able to take care of itself. However, if the problem is big, in more than one area or worked its way into the walls, it might not be something that you can handle as an owner. At this point, you would be best to call in a Mold remediator.

What Is a Mold Remediation Contractor?

Mold remediators are technicians who are specially trained to deal with problems of mold in homes and businesses. They are properly licensed and have the proper tools, equipment and chemicals to get the job done. They ensure the work, too, so you shouldn’t have to worry about mold coming back if the problem that caused it has been taken care of. Not all Mold Remediation Contractors are the same, so you will want to check them out and get the right one. Here are some things to look for:

  • Is the remediator licensed and insured? What type of warranty is offered and for how long?
  • Is it written? Are there complaints against the company Better Business Bureau?
  • What kind of cost are you looking for the fix?
  • How long will it take? Will you have to stay somewhere else, while work is being done?
  • Does the remediator handle any other work, such as fix a pipe, re-sheetrocking an area or painting?
  • If not, can he or she recommend someone?

It is important to ask these types of questions. You don’t want to be caught off guard because you thought you had it all planned. Extra expenses and unwanted add ons can really push your budget if you don’t get a good Contractor that will take care of everything for a fair price.

Get More Than One estimate

You should always get more than one estimate. Prices charged for services are generally similar, but there can be sharp variations. Ask around for recommendations and carefully compare the services offered with the final price. Do not sign a contract until your questions are answered to your satisfaction, you have verified with more than one company, and you feel comfortable with the remediator you chose to do the job.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable with the Contractor

Tools and equipment and know-how are important, but the question of personality can also be important. The Contractor and his people could be with you for several days or longer, depending on the extent of the problem. You want people who can you trust and feel comfortable with, and you can find them by taking the time to find the right mold remediation contractor to deal with.