The Roof Can Be a Dangerous Place

Health and Safety

Lots of health and safety factors have to be taken into account when dealing with roofs and roof maintenance. There are many dangers associated with roof maintenance which go beyond the obvious ones. These include the fact that the worker is on top of the building that is being worked on and needs specialist equipment. Working from heights brings with it its challenges, and if weather conditions are not right, it can make the task difficult or impossible. Without the proper staff training and experience in dealing with roofs, roof maintenance can be a deadly task.

The Right Equipment for Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Other things to consider, do you have the right equipment to carry out commercial roof maintenance? Are ladders safe enough or is it better to set up scaffolding instead? If you employ a commercial roofing contractor, they will survey the dangers, carry out a risk assessment and specify the equipment needed. If you are in DIY mode – take great care and assume the worst!

Is The Roof Strong Enough?

Roofs come in many different shapes and sizes, and with that, they may be incredibly steep and not safe to walk on. They may even be too fragile; this could lead to cracks in the roof or punctures creating further problems. In a worse case, you could fall through or off the roof.

Do I Have Asbestos In My Roof?

A major problem when dealing with roof maintenance is the presence of asbestos in roofs. Asbestos roofing was popular in the past due to its high tensile strength and its waterproof qualities. Asbestos fibers are tiny fibers that when inhaled will penetrate the lung and trigger an inflammatory reaction. This reaction can lead to scarring of the lungs or other internal damage. There is no cure for asbestos-related illnesses. Asbestos roofs are generally low risk when proper equipment is used, so it’s essential to leave the maintenance to professional roofing contractors who specialize in dealing with asbestos.